Meet Our Team

Allison Gray

Co-Founder/Brand Executive

Allison is the genius behind Atlas Creative, half of the co-founding team, and a fearless leader in all things she does. A Texas native, Allison has a head for business and a creative eye for design. She is a marketing guru and let’s be honest, she never sleeps, like ever. Allison is likely to be found with a stack of books, a well-developed strategy, and an invincible attitude. She radiates positivity and you’d better not stand in her way when she makes up her mind to do something. She is a recent graduate of the University of Mobile, with an MBA in Business Marketing.

Abby mccully

Co-Founder/Creative Executive

Abby is half of the co-founding team that started Atlas Creative. She fell in love with Design during her freshman year of college, but has honestly been critiquing people’s font choices since she was ten years old. You can usually find her staring at her computer, drinking black coffee, and listening to James Bay. She’s a talented creative and an even better hype-man. She is a student at the University of Mobile, pursuing a degree in Digital Media and Advertising, with a minor in Graphic Design.

Whitney myers

Copywriter/Account Executive

Whitney is a ray of sunshine and the most recent addition to the Atlas team. We have yet to find something that she isn’t good at and she makes sure we all stay laughing. She has a keen sense of a client’s vision and communicates oh so well. When she’s not reminding us to keep working, she’s probably out there saving the world somewhere. Whitney recently graduated from the University of Mobile with an MBA in Business Marketing. 

Our Story

Every great business starts with a spark of inspiration. Ours just so happened to be in an entrepreneurship class at the University of Mobile!

Just two girls who happened to sit next to each other in college class. That’s how we met, and we certainly never expected to start a business together. We learned that we work well together, and after an impromptu meeting in Starbucks on a rainy day, we realized we were on to something. Fast-forward a semester and we had become two halves of one brain, working together to create beautiful content for our clients. We never dreamed that we would go from late-night study sessions in our dorm rooms to managing social media accounts and designing websites for amazing people. We like getting out of our comfort zone and we love a challenge.

We’re so glad you stopped by, sit and scroll a while.

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